Tuesday, 7 May 2013


     Letters is being retired as I'm moving the site over to tumblr, giving it a new name of MachineGun Seahorse. It will still have all the wicked music and writing, just a new updated feel and look! Come by friends - mr_axed

if you missed the link and feel like an idiot peep it here http://machinegunseahorse.tumblr.com/

Saturday, 6 April 2013

New Cannibal Ox - Gotham

I was caressing my hangover over at Exlaim! this morning when to my surprise Cannibal Ox is releasing a new album. Fuck it's been a long time, over ten years. I admit i was scared, cause it needs to be in the same vein as the Cold Vein and I'm not sure they could reproduce the tone and atmosphere. So the story goes they started a Kickstarter aiming for 30,000 and they fell about 25,000 short. Why doesn't El-P help these guys out hes gotta be rolling in the dough like Scrooge McDuck right now. Oh well, I guess they're going forward with a single and heres the two drops. Feels like 10 years ago - keep it up Vast.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Autre Ne Veut - Play by Play

Living the in bilingual country of Canada, I'm scared to say his name because my dirty French skater friends will laugh at me and tell me how to pronounce it properly. Usually I try again but continually fuck it up. I'm not even sure if his name supposed to be French.

Autre is coming from the camp of How to Dress Well, with a different take on this urban Rnb revival. Theres a drone sound to it. Maybe its the breakthrough drone of bass, likely not, be he does it well. I dig this shit. Check out the streams.

The Return

Alright it's been awhile! I've been in school and had absolutely no time to inject this blog with sweetness but since so many people are still loving it (honestly thanks all I never thought people would like this shit) I'm getting going again. I'll just post later at night, or earlier in the morning (unlikely), or whenever. I'm starting to hone my writing skills though school. That doesn't mean I'm going to stop or revamp my voice on this blog. I'm going to continue to use shitty amounts of adjectives and cliches that will make you puke. I probably will link my newer shit though.

So what to expect? I know I never followed through on my promises from the summer, and probably won't cause I don't know where half of it is on my computer. Expect good things. I'm going to be adding more rants/opinion pieces. The first one is going to be on plaid, and how plaid never gets a fucking break from criticism. We'll take it from there.

Alright, email or comment on what you love and hate, I started this blog for my own inner release when I was going through a shitty time and now I'm coming back because of you. 


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Essential Bootleg - The Replacements - Live @ Grant Park Chicago July 4th 1991

AKA “It Ain’t Over ‘Til The Fat Roadies Play."
AKA The LAST Replacement's Show.

It's one helluva ride providing most of my favorite Replacements material isn't played. Founding member Bob Stinson had been gone for nearly 5 years at this point. This wasn't announced as their last show it just happened to play out that way and honestly what better way than a 4th of July party in Chicago. The recording must be a soundboard master and is top notch. Judging from the crowd extreme levels of debaucherous drunkenness were rampant.

What's great about Hootenanny is the band switches instruments and as they depart from the stage, and one by one, they are replaced by the road crew. Prior this they really show how their last album, All Shook Down, really was an underrated piece of Replacements material. This is a great listen.

1. “I Will Dare”
2. “Bent Out of Shape”
3. “Achin’ to Be”
4. “Merry Go Round”
5. “Happy Town”
6. “Swinging Party”
7. “One Wink at a Time”
8. “Waitress in the Sky”
9. “When It Began”
10. “Someone Take the Wheel”
11. “Talent Show”
12. “Nobody”
13. “Another Girl, Another Planet”
14. “Hey Good Lookin’”
15. “I’ll Be You”
16. “I Don’t Know”
17. “Within Your Reach”
18. “Can’t Hardly Wait”
19. “Hootenanny”


Friday, 17 August 2012

Essential MP3 - Elliott Smith - Angeles (Alternate Version)

Well we're back by popular demand! I hope that everyone has had a killer summer and either you're getting ready for school or sweating your balls off on a construction site. Kill Rock Stars, the label which hosted much of Elliott Smiths work, have been digging in their archives to share alternate takes and demos. Either/Or is a album that is pivotal in my life and Angeles has always been the gem within it. I really like the alternate, the singing is less hushed and you can really hear the lyrics. Go and support this even tho he's dead.